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The Swiss IT Services Company

“Innovative, Creative, Talented”

Dedicated to provide the best IT services for our corporate customers




Customer Focused

As individuals, we will make a positive contribution to our organization and our customers


Making a difference

The customer is the focus of our daily work, being responsive to their needs and delivering what we promise, when we promise



We will empower our employees to fulfill their potential through collaboration, quality training, and personal development


Investing in our people

We will support and encourage our employees to be accountable, productive, and collaborative


Committed to quality

We will collectively lead the industry in innovation and advance new developments in IT Services



We will focus on quality in an environment of continuous improvement




INGINIA Provides a large variety of IT Services



Cloud Solutions

“Disruptive cloud technologies and offers present unprecedented opportunities to deliver IT services more rapidely”

INGINIA is providing a wide range of cloud solutions and services


Solutions expertise

Inginia is providing solutions for every aspect of a modern IT environment


Selling Solutions

Inginia is reselling a complete set of solutions in all IT areas


Consulting Services

Inginia is providing expertise to help IT decision makers driving their digitalization strategy and providing added value in all IT service


Managed Services

“Outtasking all or part of your IT operations to a trusted provider will save you precious time”

Inginia helps you reduce cost and save time with its multivendor managed dervices organization, providing proactive and reactive services.

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Our Strategic Partners

INGINIA is working with the best vendors and publishers. Here is the list of our Platinum Partners:






INGINIA is publishing News about Events, Partners and Press releases

Our Partner Darktrace nominated as one of the world’s most innovative companies in 2018

Cybersecurity The 2018 edition of the World's Most Innovative Companies spans more than 350 enterprises across 36 categories, from the world's most valuable firm and its continuing transformation of consumer electronics to a small outfit selling natural gum to...

INGINIA launches RenewTracker, an IT Maintenance Management Tool

Version française ici   INGINIA is constantly looking for improving the quality of its services and make life easier for its loyal customers. Like everyone else, you certainly have a hard time managing your maintenance renewals related to your software, hardware,...

INGINIA lance RenewTracker, un extranet de gestion de renouvellement des maintenances informatiques

English version here   INGINIA cherche constamment à améliorer la qualité de ses services et à faciliter la vie de ses fidèles clients. Comme chacun, vous avez certainement passablement de difficultés à gérer vos renouvellements de maintenance liés à vos logiciels,...

Prochain Atelier Office 365 – le 27 février 2018

En partenariat avec Microsoft, INGINIA vous invite à participer à son prochain atelier Office 365 le mardi 27 février prochain de 08h30 à 11h30 sur le thème de la collaboration autour des nouvelles fonctionnalités de TEAMS.     Agenda du 27 février 2017   08:30  ...

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Prochain évènement le 16 janvier – Atelier Office 365

En partenariat avec Microsoft, INGINIA vous invite à participer à son prochain atelier Office 365 le mardi 16 janvier prochain de 08h30 à 11h30     Agenda du 16 janvier 2017   08:30   Accueil – petit déjeuner 08:45   Présentation et démo intéractive 11:30   Conclusion...

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INGINIA signs a new partnership with Darktrace

INGINIA is pleased to announce its new partnership with Darktrace, a cyber defence company. Ask us for a demo!   Darktrace introduction Darktrace is a cyber defence company, with technology based on new mathematics and machine Learning from the University of...

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INGINIA SA is a swiss based IT services company created in 2010 with a resgistered HQ in Geneva.

INGINIA is a privately held company, by majority owned by its founders.

INGINIA is an integrator: “we want to be independant from any manufacturer or publisher in order to recommend the most suitable solutions to your specific needs.”

We provide technology solutions, including hardware, software and related IT services.

We help companies meeting their IT needs from the simplest to the most complex solutions.

Our network of partners is made out of the best IT vendors and publishers who are recognized as leaders in their fields of area.




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